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A little bit about Skin N.V.

Aimee Bartesko, with a driven mindset and a number of skills, mainly in the creative aspect of life, has brought her from Fashion Designer, to Graphic Designer, to the most recent launch of her own skin care product line.  After living and working in Montreal for ten years, freelancing in New York and Boston, and most recently calling Vancouver Island her home, she has formulated and launched her skin care line, Skin N.V. in 2011.
Introduced into this line are concentrated, filler-free, all natural skin care ingredients with the structure of offering products and company ethics of high standards.  Being recognized, and winner of the 2012 Black Tie Green Business of the Year Award, she creates her own skin care products using only top quality, plant-based ingredients, environmentally friendly glass bottles, minimal packaging for reduced environmental waste, and participates in environmental activities in her community. As well, she provides an information source called “did you know” found on her website, informing consumers with important industry information.  Even down to her website provider uses 100% green, renewable energy sources.  A well-rounded approach to bettering the future.  

For wholesale/affiliate inquiries or questions, please email: sales@skin-nv.com

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